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7 Top Must-Visit Bars in Singapore

From swanky wine bars to innovative cocktail joints, these top bars prove why Singapore has the best drinking scene in Asia. Bottoms up! Here's my small handpicked list of ‘best of’ Singapore’s drinking scene. These are some of the most buzzing bars in this city right now for a tipple or two!

NO. 1

Jigger and Pony

Recently ranked #2 in Asia’s top 50 bars, this sleek and relaxed hangout feels as though you’ve been thrown back into the seventies. With it’s little nooks and elegant enclaves, this is the perfect space for sipping delicious drinks and quiet conversation.

NO. 2

Levant Bar

A spacious new addition to Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood, Levant is a great spot to watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand for an after‑work session!

NO. 4


A cutting‑edge all‑day venue combining the best of cocktails, coffee and cuisine. The go‑to spot for a fun atmosphere and good drinks!

NO. 5

Employees Only Singapore

Great vibes, friendly staff and fun atmosphere. The early 19th century inspired bar has a dark and intimate ambience which makes you feel as if you’ve escaped Singapore for a couple of hours.

NO. 6

The Other Room

A speakeasy with a quirky location, fun vibe, amazing staff and killer cocktails. Book a table and sit at the bar if you can for personal recommendations from the bar staff.

NO. 7

Set Of Six Inspired by the life and tales of Joseph Conrad, one of history’s greatest novelists, Set of Six is a cocktail bar that takes adventure seekers on an elegant trip back to a time when Sea Voyages were common and Twilight Soirees ruled the twilight hours.

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