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We Eloped! Our Singapore Wedding

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Just over two months after we got engaged, we decided to elope and officially tie the knot in Singapore, just to two of us! For more insider tips and advice about Singapore, check out the Ebook guide that I wish I had before moving to Singapore,The ‘S’ word!

A few words on eloping... We had both always known that a big wedding wasn't something that we wanted, and the whole all eyes on us aspect freaked us out a little bit! I never grew up dreaming of a wedding, as since I get easily stressed at the smallest of events (seriously, you should have seen me at my graduation!) I just knew that the probability of my being a complete bridezilla was very high, and we both just didn't want to put ourselves through the stress of organising such a big event.

Not only that, but as a pretty low-key couple, we were both in agreeance that being the centre of attention would be too much for us, and although knew we wanted to marry each other, we wanted it to be as hassle-free as possible.

As we both currently live in Singapore, and have done for the past five years, we knew that the biggest issue we'd face would be the logistics of getting our friends and family to Singapore for a wedding, and we also felt that if we got married in the UK, we'd be doing it purely for the sake of pleasing everyone else, and it wouldn't feel so much about about what we wanted. Eloping for us had always been on the cards, and I think we'd hinted pretty heavily to friends and family that it would just be something low key, maybe even just the two of us. We had toyed with the idea of running away to Bali or Thailand for a beach wedding, and I even looked at elopement packages to New Zealand. However, the more we looked into it, we realised the costs were still adding up, which was another factor that initially put us off having a big wedding in the first place. It all started to feel as though we were falling back into the trap of planning a big elaborate event. In the end, as difficult as a decision it was knowing we may upset some of our friends and family, we decided not to tell anyone that our wedding was just going to be the two of us. We also decided that having the ceremony in Singapore would actually have more sentimental meaning to us, since we moved out here together in 2015 to build a life together.

The Dress

Funnily enough, I hadn't even thought about going wedding dress shopping, nor had I even given a slight thought as to the style I wanted. One evening I was browsing ASOS and remembered they had a bridal section. I kid you not, I was scrolling for just a few seconds before I spotted my dress for $60 and bought it instantly without hesitation. When the dress arrived, I fell in love, but knew it needed a few alterations as it was far too long and loose around the waist. I took it to a local seamstress s owned by a dear old Chinese auntie who barely spoke a word of english. I communicated by gesturing and she drew out her alteration suggestions on paper. Despite to communication issues, she did an incredible job and the dress ended up fitting like a glove! She gave me a hug when she saw me in the dress which I thought was so cute!

Wedding Day


The day before the wedding we checked into Sofitel Singapore, and rented a beautiful spacious apartment suite. We booked two nights here and it was honestly the best decision as it made it really made the occasion feel that extra bit special. Initially I thought I was going to just do my own hair and makeup, but the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of just sitting back and relaxing on my wedding morning, knowing everything was going to be taken care of. Lord only knows if I did it myself I'd be throwing a hissy fit if my hair wasn't cooperating or my eyebrows decided to misbehave! I was so happy to find a makeup at understood exactly what I wanted, and she did a fantastic job. We held the ceremony at Singapore Botanic Gardens, not only because its always been one of our favourite places in the city, but also the perfect location for wedding photos. Our incredible photographer Hayden had advised that we start our photoshoot early morning for the perfect sunlight, so around 9am we headed to Botanic Gardens with our two witnesses (two of our closest friends that live out here), and shot some amazing locations for a couple of hours before our actual ceremony. This was out first ever couples shoot together, so at first we were in a fit of giggles with second hand embarrassment, but we soon got in the groove of it, and we really enjoyed the experience. My biggest concern was that we we're going to be covered in sweat by the time it came to the ceremony, as Botanic gardens are always incredibly humid, but we actually were so lucky with the weather and unusually barely broke a sweat! We're so so happy with how the photos turned out, I'm I'm sure you'll agree he did an incredible job.

After the shoot, we met our solemniser at the Bandstand and the actual ceremony itself only lasted around five minutes! We knew that we wanted to exchange our own vowels, which made it that extra bit special, and before we knew it, we were man and wife! I decided to stay in my wedding dress for the rest of the afternoon (because you're only a bride once right?), and we headed to Raffles Hotel for an afternoon tea celebration with champagne which was super fun. That evening after a much needed rest, we headed to Stellar, one of our favourite restaurants in the city for a memorable dinner with a view! One month after eloping, we're beyond happy to day went so smoothly, and that we did it in our own special way. We're thrilled to finally be able to share the news with our close friends and family, and now finally, you guys!

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